13th October 2020

Investing in properties is one of the most lucrative methods of earning passive income but it does require patience and dedication to make it work. At Hyde & Rowe we can assist you in various ways to ease you into your property investment venture, no matter what your circumstances are.

How first time landlords can benefit from Hyde & Rowe

If you have just purchased a property for investment purposes and you are ready to let it out but are not sure where to begin with finding tenants, Hyde & Rowe will let out your property for you. We have an 

Residential lettings

Hyde & Rowe will handle finding tenants, organising reference checks and carrying out viewings.

Residential let and managed

This contract is similar to the above, however, we will collect and chase up rent payments on your behalf and will also be the point of contact for any maintenance issues that are to be met.

Serviced Accommodation

Hyde & Rowe will manage your property and let it out as a short let. The property will be used for holiday rentals as well as professionals that require accommodation for business trips. The benefit of this is that your property will be let out on a nightly rate, which means you get to maximise your income while Hyde & Rowe does all the work. At Hyde & Rowe we consistently receive direct bookings and plenty of guests choose us regularly. This is a true reflection of our success as a property agent as it proves that we deliver excellent customer service to our guests. Our serviced accommodation landlords are also extremely pleased with our service, as their rental income has been significantly boosted even after our fees. On top of this, being on board on our 

Guaranteed Rent

We offer a fixed rent payment every month on your property, regardless of void periods, as we will fully manage your property and let it out to assist living tenants. A Guaranteed rent property can be taken within 24 hours of the initial enquiry.

So why choose Hyde & Rowe?

At Hyde & Rowe, we take pride in what we do and it reflects on the quality service we deliver to landlords. Since we provide solutions to common pain points that landlords might face, it is no wonder why we retain landlords for years on end. We have also received a multitude of positive reviews, commending us for our excellent customer service. By choosing Hyde & Rowe as your agent of choice, your property will be dealt with and cared for as though it is our own. When screening tenants to occupy your property, we arrange for reference checks as well as have various screening measures in place to filter through to find suitable tenants for your property.

How to to get onboard with Hyde & Rowe

If you have properties in and around Croydon waiting to be filled and you need a rent payment sooner rather than later, then get in touch today. At the moment we are especially in need of 1-2 bed properties as they fly out like hotcakes. Get in touch with us directly on 020 8686 1799 or 020 3143 5899 to discuss your property or alternatively you can email us at [email protected] and we will be able to walk you through the next steps to bring your property on with Hyde & Rowe.