10th November 2020

Has your property been on the market for a little longer than you expected? Are you worried about the impact it could have on your move? The problem might actually lie where you least expect however, luckily for you it is more than likely easy to be resolved. Read on to learn about the possible obstacles that could be preventing your property from being sold and how to resolve them.

The asking price is too much

This is one of the easiest mistakes to make as it is ever so tempting for a vendor to make the most out of selling their property, however when a surveyor is hired to value your property on behalf of the buyer, they might decide your asking price is too high, and the buyer will think you’ve wasted their time, even if that wasn’t your intention. It is also recommended that you research your agent of choice before opting to have your property valued by them, to ensure that you get an accurate valuation that is a true reflection on the property market. If your asking price is too high, it will turn potential buyers away as they know they will be able to find properties with a similar spec for lower. One way to find out if your asking price is too high is by searching on zoopla for similar properties in your area. This will give you a rough idea of what you should be aiming for.

The property is poorly decorated

When people are buying a home, they are already looking at massive costs  for example for a deposit and their mortgage and bills. As a result, if a buyer doesn’t like the look of your property, they may turn it down, as that is a cheaper alternative to purchasing the property and then spending money to decorate the house from top to bottom. An easy solution is to ensure the property looks neutral to meet the needs of the general public as buyers have an easier time picturing their future home when the property is like a blank canvas, as they will be able to have a clearer vision on how they will furnish it and decorate it for themselves.

The property requires work done

If you’ve been putting off fixing a leaky ceiling or moldy walls, then that should be your first step before putting your property on the market, or at least done as soon as possible. As mentioned above, buyers are already about to face plenty of financial setbacks, so potential costs of fixing damages that took place while the property is still in your name definitely wouldn’t be appealing to them and they would definitely go elsewhere. By ensuring your property is up to standards, they will look a lot more appealing in photos for marketing it, as potential buyers will have an easy time planning their move in.

The property isn’t being marketed effectively

If you’ve been with an agency for longer than planned, you might want to consider other agencies. When selecting an agency you should ask a series of questions to determine exactly how your property will be marketed. Points to consider are what platforms your property will be listed on as well as how they determine which properties are displayed in their shop window and for how long.

How can Hyde & Rowe offer to help?

Our team is happy to assist in the sale of your home, from beginning to end. We will value your property appropriately and accurately so that your property can get as much exposure as possible from the right people. We always keep you in the loop about any updates regarding the sale of your property and how many enquiries we are getting. In terms of enquiries, we generally receive them in huge volumes within 48 hours of listing a property or enquiries may come in one at a time. The reasons for both instances vary greatly, but it is mostly depending on whether the property is in high demand. We are keen to ensure the sale of your property is smooth and quick, as we know that in most instances vendors are selling their home so they can move.
Get in touch with us by calling 020 8686 1799 or drop a line to [email protected] to learn more about how Hyde & Rowe can help you.