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Tennant Eviction Service In Croydon & Surrounds



Professionally served from £100 per notice

To begin the eviction process either a section 8 or 21 notice must be served upon the tenant in line with the conditions in the tenancy agreement.

Which of these notices you require would of course depend on the tenancy agreement and the reason you are seeking possession.  Our advisors would be happy to discuss this with you.

There are varying lengths of time which must be given to the tenants before any claim for possession can be submitted, therefore it is vitally important that the service is performed correctly.  Indeed most case that fail in court are those that are done incorrectly from errors made at the beginning with the notice.



noticeSo, you have successfully completed step 1 of the process, the notices have been served and expired and you now need to make a claim through the Count Court for possession. 

Hyde & Rowe offer a fully inclusive package that will take you all the way through to the order being issued.

This will include preparation of the claim, legal representation, attending the hearing, all paperwork and our package starts at £700 plus VAT.

Most cases which fail are normally a result of mistakes in preparing the claim and not adhering to the law surrounding housing possession.  We act for landlords with their best interests at heart, if you have already served your notices and need help with step 2. Or even to check the validity of the notices, please give Hyde & Rowe a call.


We offer Bailiff services for landlords.  The possession order has been granted but the tenant is still refusing to vacate the property, what can you do..??

This situation is occurring more often and unfortunately tenants are choosing to stay until this stage, further to the advice given by Local Authorities and you as a landlord have no choice in these circumstances but to instruct Bailiffs to evict.